The apartment is very centrally located in the old town, just off the old town square. It was well laid out, with good use of space. Our arrival was well organized with the instructions very clear about all aspects of the apartment. There were supermarkets nearby (small ones, as befits the old town), and several very reasonably priced restaurants within an easy walk, including some great pancakes near Marie Curie’s birthplace.
The centre of modern Warsaw is a little way away – the old town square is no longer the centre of the modern town, so if you stay here you are choosing to travel to the modern parts. Picturesque, but a bit like staying in a museum at times. But then, if you stay closer to the new town (say Nowy Swiat, where the head office of the company is) then you are a tram ride away from the old town.
Warsaw is a lovely city and the old town area has been beautifully restored.
The kitchen is very small with little bench space. The instructions for the washing machine were not all that clear, and it took me a couple of tries to figure out how it worked.

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