We stayed in this apartment for five days in June. The apartment is very well located, right next to the river, and a tram stop, with all sorts of shops nearby and walking distance to all attractions. There is a great bike hire place nearby (CoolBikes) with children’s bikes, and there are also numerous city bike places nearby.

The owner was very helpful in showing us around, and the apartment is nicely decorated.

For us, though, there were two major problems. First, even though the temperature was only 25-28, the apartment was very hot, as it is a loft apartment, with no windows, only skylights, so no through drafts. We found it very hard to sleep.

The loft apartment also meant that a lot of the floor space had very low ceilings. Second, the kitchen is very small, with little equipment, so if you are intending to cook your own food, you will find it difficult. There are good restaurants nearby, but our children are hard to please, so we tend to try and cook for them.


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