If this trip has a theme, it is going to science and technology museums. Evan has blogged here about our search for perfection. This page is keeping our current rank order for all of them.

Callum and Declan try out the science play area in Beijing

If a few others creep in there, it is only because we blogged about them.

  1. Nemo Science Museum, Amsterdam
  2. Petrosains Discovery Centre, Kuala Lumpur
  3. Children’s Creativity Museum, San Francisco
  4. Haus Der Natur, Salzburg
  5. Montreal Science Centre
  6. California Academy of Science
  7. Beijing Science and Technology Museum
  8. Children’s Creativity Museum, San Francisco
  9. Exploratorium, San Francisco
  10. Galileo Museum of the History of Science
  11. Berlin Natural History Museum
Scientific Samples in Berlin
  1. Berlin Technology Museum
  2. Israeli National Museum of Science, Haifa
  3. Singapore Science Centre
  4. Singapore National Museum
  5. Deutsches Museum, Munich
  6. Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem
  7. Scienceworks, Melbourne
  8. Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw

    Bubble in a viscous fluid in Oslo
  1. Norsk Teknisk Museum, Oslo
  2. China Natural History Museum
  3. Salzburg Museum

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