Making like Paddington Bear

We’re off to Deepest, Darkest Peru.

Luckily this wasn't our plane to Peru
Luckily this wasn’t our plane to Peru

As I write we’re in the airport about to recommence arguing with the airline who has all of us sitting apart from each other. (I must admit to being tempted to let the matter rest and let someone else clean up after Callum!).

So I am, in true Paddington Bear fashion, practicing my hardest stare.

(Just by-the-by, apparently the first Paddington Bear soft toy was made as a Christmas present for the young Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear fame. Who’d have thought.)


One thought on “Making like Paddington Bear”

  1. Yes, we had that problem with Qantas flying to Cairns last year. We batted our eyelashes and said, well if you’d REALLY like the feral two-year-old to travel by himself…

    Oddly enough, for our return flight they had made sure that we were all sitting together.

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