Germany wins the food war, round one

Christmas decorations in Ruhpolding
Christmas decorations in Ruhpolding

In Germany, Christmas Eve is a more important event than Christmas Day. At dinner last night, we booked to return to the same restaurant tonight to join in their special Christmas Eve celebration. Having exhausted all our German in the exchange, the nice waiter (hereinafter known as ‘NW’) took pity on us and moved to English to run through the set menu.

NW: “So we are having special meal. But for the kinder we can make something they will like. What will they like?”
Us: “Chicken nuggets.”
NW: “No, no. Is special occasion. What will they have for special occasion?”
Us: “Chicken nuggets.”
NW: “No, I do not think you understand. We will ask them. What would you like for special Christmas dinner?”
Boys in chorus: “Chicken nuggets”
For the record: They’re having oxtail soup, wiener schnitzel and mystery Christmas dessert.

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